The Energy "Mind" music is created by a group of people, who are music lovers and nature energy utilizers.  They mutually unify their work and come up this product as a result.  In other words the Energy "Mind" music combines advantages of both merits of musical melody (music therapy) and utilization of nature energy (energy therapy) to achieve the ultimate goal of natural healing.  It allows listeners respectfully regardless of their minds, bodies, and spirits to obtain maximal relaxation and adjustment, also let their minds, bodies, and spirits reach harmonies perhaps even potential development.

The Energy "Mind" music is based upon the philosophy, "human body is a miniature of universe (a micro universe), human being is the universe demon" for embarks.  Begins from the nature harmonious temperament, again utilizes the nature energy, and then resonates harmonies from micro universe with sympathetic chord from the great universe, and thereafter stimulates human body to achieve a harmonious state of equilibrium.  It is the Total Information Law of Universe" - also is the universe view of the "beauty unities", and the "beauty correspondence" from Taoism.

For those who have listened to this CD, please make comparisons to other similar music therapy or function-like hypnosis products on the market, and tell us the difference for future improvement.  We welcome various organizations, associations or even personals to come discuss production opportunity or perhaps cooperation on each kind of our Energy “Mind” music.

Eight major characteristics of Energy “Mind” music

  1. The Energy “Mind” music unifies musical melody and nature energy. The innovative producing technique will change the production way of other mind and energy music.
  2. The Energy “Mind” music allows human’s microcosm resonating with the great universe’s sympathetic chord by utilizing harmonious music. It also stimulates our body to achieve a harmonious state of equilibrium.
  3. The Energy “Mind” music is produced upon natural harmonies of universe energy, which operation is consistent with human vitality’s flow. It can automatically adjust body mechanism.
  4. The Energy “Mind” music utilize energy from universe adjusting microcosm – human body’s magnetic field to achieve the beauty unity and therefore allowing mind, body, and spirit becoming harmonious and perhaps developing one’s potential.
  5. The Energy “Mind” music as a utilization group for motive power was created after more than 10 years of research and development. Its unique resonating effect has opened up music therapy epoch.
  6. The Energy “Mind” music is not utilizing frequencies (low frequency or other wave length), instead, a process transformed through nature energy and can be absorbed directly by human body. It may promote one’s immune system and health gradually recovered to optimal condition.
  7. The Energy “Mind” music is flexible and multiple in the way of utilization. For example, it may be utilized in relaxation, potential development, meditation, contemplation, or other kinds of aspects.
  8. The Energy “Mind” music can be mass produced and become a commodity, meeting the general public need. It can also become a personalized product, exclusively for individual demand.