Energy Music - Brain Activation

能量音樂 - 腦力活化

The energy to activate your brain.

Suggested Retail Price: NT $ 2,000

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The necessary to prevent brain aging

When medical science has continuously developed and been more progressive, it also leads to a potential problem for the modern society relatively, and that is the generation of the aging society. Because of aging, people will has more or less potential problem for dementia, that is to say, the mind aging is of natural phenomena.

The medical science stated that brain is the earliest aging organ in human body. After age of twenty, human will gradually aging. After forty, life stress, or lack of sleep will cause that the highly increased free radical attacks brain cells and even accelerate atrophy and degeneration of brain.

The appearance could be improved with cosmetic products and plastic surgery, but what about our brain?Although everyone awares that prevention of brain aging, no one take any methods to protect brain in order to prevent brain aging, due to busy life such as “ lack of time” or “unawareness of maintain the strength of brain”.

When our brains start to wither, mental, emotion and other related functions will be interrupted. In other words, the concentration and memory will be worse, and then emotional reaction will be also slow. Even our ability of language, judgment, behavior and character will be effected..

In the past, scientists clamed that brain could not produce new cells, but nowadays they reannounce that it could be newly born. In the meanwhile, they bring up other key problem, that is “ how to let those regenerative cell survive in the future”.

Energy music is the best media to activated cells of human. The design of energy music of brain activation is for recovering the regular memorized ability. Let your overused brain to acquire complete rest and activation by this CD and enjoy the power of vibration it bring to you now!

Recover our brain back regular functions naturally by the vibrated stimulation of the energy music

Types of people who need to listen to this " brain activation " energy music CD:

  1. 1. Work overtime or stay up frequently
  2. 2. High pressure job
  3. 3. Overused Brain
  4. 4. Writers, advertisers and designers who need inspiration
  5. 5. Students or people who prepare big tests
  6. 6. Problems with concentration
  7. 7. Forgetful problems
  8. 8. Head trauma and pathological changes
  9. 9. People with aging Brain