Energy Music - Stress Relief

Energy Music - Stress Relief

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Relieving Stress

Nowadays in the 21st century, with collaboration going more refined, competitions becoming increasingly sharper, and isolation feeling getting stronger, all kinds of psychological disorders start to show up. Looking around, many people are suffering from stress and emotional problems. Those subconsciously hidden negative tensions built up are slowly eroding and affecting our immune system, and even impacting our personality and job performance.

Perhaps, many people only know that the "stress" is not good for human, but are not aware of how amazing is its lethal impact! Now I want to point out that most of human disorders are results from internal stress.

This musical CD is ideal for busy people. Communicate your soul with music to relax your body, mind, and spirit, just like taking a deep soul spa to help escaping from the stress of interference. By cleaning out negative emotions find a way out for those pressures from your life through listening to music! Rejuvenate with happy energy via physical relaxation and integration of your body, mind, and spirit, bring back energetic and inspired feeling. Reproduce your EQ enabling to face yourself and reality again.
Laying down your burden and stress, provide yourself a growing space!

Type of people who need to listen to this "Stress Relief" energy music CD:

  1. High demanding job
  2. Over thinking
  3. Ssleepy all day or lethargic
  4. Inability to concentrate
  5. Easily become anxious and depressed
  6. Unexplained pain, fatigue or palpitations
  7. Nervous
  8. Irritable
  9. Long drive
  10. Often work overtime staying up
  11. Exhausted after work
  12. Often a sense of emptiness and loss
  13. Hoping to improve EQ.
  14. Hoping to achieve physical and mental health through relaxation


Please follow the instructions below to exercise. Relieving effect will be better.

Stretching Method for Everyone



Stand up straight, relaxed with feet apart in shoulder width, and eyes to the front.


1.Hands naturally down and palms facing front, work on one arm at a time.


2.Rotate your arm along the body by moving it forward, slowly raise to top of the highest point, then continue rotating toward the back, and back to the thigh where the starting point is. Attention! Keep elbow straight without bending during the process.


3.While rotating your arm, only shoulder joint moves, no relative movement on shoulders. Keep body straight, no twist.


4.During the process your palm makes adjustment accordingly as following the rotation path.


Breathe naturally. Don’t hold the breath while rotating your arms.